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dino The timing of a Dino motor and setting the chain tension and valve adjustments.

After the Distributor fiasco I thought I should check the valve clearances that I had planned on doing later. I found to my pleasure that the valves were of the later styles and properly adjusted. The timing was also dead on.
Ferrari Dino motor cam marks The camshaft timing marks are not perfectly lined up in this pic because the motor is on 10° BTDC for static timing the distributor, when the motor is at TDC the camshaft timing marks will line up.

However (you knew that was coming right?) the heads on my car are early style chain tension and later style. I may have a 2Litre head AND a 2.4Litre head on my car (if that is possible). That means I had to figure out how to tension the later style since I had been shown how to do the early style.

It turned out to be easy as can be seen in the instructions below. The one thing that you should not do is turn the FIAT Dino motor over with the starter motor, I did and ended up skipping a tooth on the sprockets making it more work to retime the cams that were timed to begin with. Turn the FIAT Dino motor over by HAND.

Make sure the motor is at TOP DEAD CENTER before you start this.

The 2.0 is done using the "normal" method of adjusting chain tension. Get a fish scale that goes to 50lbs. and in the middle of the chain between the 2 cams, lift up to 44lbs. measuring the chain deflection, it should be 9/32" (7mm) Shown in the second figure below is the adjusment nut, loosen the nut on the front of the block and adjust. (Wish I had a better scan for the 2.0)

tensioning the cam chains on FIAT Dino

FIAT cam chain tensioning bolts

Loosen the stretcher scew (1 in fig. 26 above), loosen the stretcher spindle nut (2) tighten or loosen the spindle (3) to get proper tension then lock the spindle nut (2) and tighten the stretcher nut (1). Its actually very easy.

The 2.4 is even easier.

Ferrari Dino camshaft timing chain tension



The front of the FIAT Dino motor viewed through the front of the car with the radiator out
FIAT Dino Spider motor viewed from where radiator should be
The right side of the FIAT Dino motor showing the old style or proper FIAT style of chain tensioning, there is extra text in this picture. Timing chain tension bolts
Hard to see, but the other side with the updated chain tensioning system. There is text showing the parts to this in this picture. other side

The middle picture clearly shows the cam chain tensioning nut and the lock nut. The far right picture is not very clear but what you can't see is the locknut since it is not there but you can see the casting where it would have been on a earlier head.

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