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  Almost a Ferrari

dino Here are various Dino Capacities, I think this should take care of all the major ones.
FIAT Dino capacities
Fuel Tank 17.3 Gal. Premium Gasoline
   including a reserve supply of 1.5 to 2.3 Gal.
Radiator, engine and heating system 3 Gal. Mixture of water and FIAT Paraflu 11 fluid, 50-50 mix. (2)
Oil sump and filter (1) 7 Qts. FIAT Oil (3)
Transmission 2.4 Qts. FIAT W 90/M oil (SAE 90 EP)
Steering gear 9.2 Fl. Ozs.
Rear axle 3.3 Qts. FIAT W 90/DA oil (SAE 90 EP)
Hydraulic brake circuit (front) 10 Ozs. CG Brake fluid
Hydraulic brake circuit (rear) 9.4 Ozs.
Hydraulic clutch circuit 8.2 Ozs.
Front shock absorber (each) 4.7 Ozs. FIAT S.A.I. fluid
Rear shock absorber (each) 7.4 Ozs.

(1) Quantity shown is the amount needed for oil change every 3,000 miles
(2) The mixture is anti-oxide, anti-corrosion, anti-foam, anti-scale and does not freeze down to -31F
(3) Use the following oil grades : Below 32F SAE 30 Above 32F SAE 40

OK, when I got my FIAT Dino there were a lot and I mean a lot of discussions on the Yahoo mail list about what are the correct oils. I ended up using old faithful in the motor which for me is Castrol 20-50 GTX and standard Castrol 90wt. gear oil. Basically the manual calls for GL1 oil (hard to find) and some people said GL5 is fine while some others said GL4 is fine, I ended up using good ol Castrol gear oil and no problems so far, same stuff I used in my FIAT Spider for 120,000 miles with no problems. The rear axle however is a limited slip rear axle to you need to make sure you are using proper oil for limited slip rear ends (again, good ol Castrol)

Also, note the Dino capacities in the chart above are different from the Dino capacities charts in the Specifications handbook, that one calls for pints when it meant quarts.

For the antifreeze I used a modern good ani-corrosion antifreeze as recommended by my ex-FIAT parts guys who I purchased my FIAT Spider from in 1974.

The oil filters are:
Baldwin B253 (great but you'll probably have to order)
WIX 51515 (pretty good and available at your better autoparts wholesalers: like the type that deliver parts to your independent repair shops)
Fram PH2804-1 (kragen can get these. the dash one part of the part number is important: apparently it specifies for the anti-drainback functionality needed since the Dinos have the filters vertically upside down)
Also the Fram HP 1 which is a racing filter fits but I could not find it locally.
Of course you can also use UFI from Ferrari but it will cost you much more.

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