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  Almost a Ferrari

dino Use the FIAT part number from the FIAT parts manuals, you will be returned what little information I have on the part. WARNING, there are over 1,600 records so don't try to play games in order to see all the information as it will take a long time to download all the info to you. If you want to go ahead but you have been warned. You will see a "Category" field returned, they are as below from FIAT. This is there because I plan on scanning ALL the parts pages and they are indexed via the category letters, so I included them in the output. Eventually you will be able to click on the output and be shown the parts pages themselves...give me time.
  • A = Engine
  • B = Powertrain
  • C = Brakes
  • D = Wheels & Suspension
  • E = Accessories (heater/ac/wipers etc)
  • F = Electrical
  • M = Interior Body
  • L = Exterior Body
  • P = books & manuals
  • Z = Tools.

This is LIMITED information, its all that I have and has been acquired from a variety of sources on the web. No promises its right but I think it is. I would LOVE to have help getting more parts here and I will be entering more information as I have it.
Right now, you have to use the part number, there are too many options for part names but I will work on that. As I said the parts pages will be posted here so you can find the part numbers. To see how it works right now try using 4168 just to see results

FIAT Part number:

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